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Upcoming Book Announcement!

Announcing a new upcoming book called, "How To Expand Your Awareness: Becoming Less Addicted to Negative Thinking"!

How To Expand Your Awareness Book Display (1).jpg

The greatest problem that we seem to have as a society at large, is negative thinking - better said, an addiction to our negative thoughts and habitually acting out from this limited state of being. When we look at what it means to be or have an addiction, it is said to have a dependency, habit, fixation, or compulsion towards a behavior, substance, or thing. Some habits or patterns may be considered more socially acceptable than others especially because we’ve been doing it out of habit for so long. Joining others in doing the same reinforces this behavior.


There is a rise in becoming more self-aware, and conscious of what drives us to behave in certain ways, and it's time to act. Only the action is not about jumping on someone else’s bandwagon but doing your own internal assessment and modifications. An example of what had become normalized negative behavior inspired by the addiction, and habit of negative thinking would be, calling a friend or family member to complain about someone else or your circumstances, as justifiably setting the record or “facts” straight according to how you see it at that moment. Another would be making sure others are well-informed, according to how you see it (replace the word “it” with any topic), and how many you can get to agree with the problematic viewpoint that “those other people” should do something about. Or, what’s wrong with all of society, the world at large, or that culture, race, belief, type of people, that person, those people, that industry, the government, etc. (you can fill in the blank with just about anything). 


With a growing understanding that our habits of thought have a direct impact on our mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing, more and more people are recognizing the value of self-awareness and prioritizing how they are perceiving themselves, and the world around them. Mental and emotional health concerns have been on the rise, and so are the answers, solutions, and means to address how to step into one's inner world. Doing so affects changes in your outer experiences from depression, anxiety, feeling dissatisfied, and unfulfilled, to healing your own health issues. And discerning what is really of value to you in your manifested reality - and lining up with it, intentionally.


​As an adult, Josephine healed herself of vertigo, and as shared in her information on her website, it isn't her first experience or exposure to working with higher forces in her life. Josephine's powerful belief, mindset, determination for innate wellbeing, and intimate relationship with the Higher Power of her understanding, are a driving force that has called her to share the wisdom and insights that she has gained, to guide you in how to do the same for yourself, which is demonstrated in this book.


Not unlike you, Josephine has had a lifetime of experiences that brought her to this point of recognizing that change has to take place from within. Regularly implementing tools, exercises, and practices from her training, doing the research, and applying what she’s learned, Josephine offers her experience of how to expand your awareness. She has training and experience in behavioral health techniques such as meditation, mindfulness, biofield therapy, and behavioral modification practices. 


Josephine has worked with clients of varying ages and diagnoses in the fields of case management, pain and stress management, health and wellness, alternative therapies, support counseling, and consulting. She has had the privilege of training others in the human services field, blended biofield therapies, and complementary therapeutic services. The combination of her professional and personal background, education, having near-death and spiritually transformative experiences, have contributed to her ability to provide insights, tools, and behavioral health techniques that will benefit you as well. 


The exercises and tools within this book, that you actively apply and practice, will assist you on your journey to becoming less addicted to negative thinking. Habitual negative thinking may invoke other addictive behaviors, or dis-ease, poor relationships, unfavorable choices, limited ability or motivation to do proper self-care, and poor communication. The practices in this book will help improve how you see yourself, others, and your circumstances. You will learn how to expand your sense of self-awareness which will empower you to change from the inside out. This will make it possible for you to envision and begin living from a more authentic, and healthier version of yourself now.