Discover leverage through your personalized 'Spiritual Journeying' Program

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What happens in my "Spiritual Journeying" program?

  • It provides deep personal transformation through the change of beliefs - shadow work; aka spiritual journeying.

  • It is a sacred journey to discovering the truth of one's soul while activating acceptance, joy, clarity, and compassion at an elevated or fifth-dimensional level.

  • You're provided a safe and nurturing environment for discovering the soul's truth.

  • It's a personal voyage of transformation, deeper awareness, and self-realization.

  • It's deepening a conscious approach to working with the natural law of attraction, ones' sensitivities to energy and emotions as a highly sensitive person (HSP) or empath.

  • It's learning and refining how to understand the profound guidance that comes from listening to your emotions.

  • It takes you to your Source of Energy and inner being to help you find meaning and sacredness in everyday life.

  • It's about telling the truth to yourself about your life and your inner beliefs. When you're genuinely honest and compassionate with yourself, your energy increases, your awareness expands, and intuition is more clear than ever before. When you're not boldly honest and compassionate with yourself - maintaining a harsh internal dialog and view of the world, you become depleted, drained, overwhelmed, unfocused, uncertain, vulnerable to unwanted, and even ill.

  • Guided by the sacred practices of connecting with Source Energy, Mother Earth, nature and the elements, Sacred Silence, soul-connection and alignment, and your personal soul-family guides, you learn how to clear away inner debris, as you access your inner wisdom and find your truth.

I believe our beliefs, attitude, and mindset draw our life experiences to us and dictate what we will or will not allow, through the unbiased natural laws.

It's clearing the beliefs and old patterns that no longer serve us - by using our emotional guidance system, learning to understand oneself in place of blame, shame, manipulation, or guilt, and implementing practices that attune us with our higher power. This is activating the art of allowing wellbeing every day (through the process of making an intentional connection with Source, Mother Earth, Nature and the Elements, our soul-family guidance, and use of Sacred Silence), we also activate the truest nature of our beingness through our soul.


Empowered with this wisdom, we activate our ability to do, be, or have anything our soul already knows is ready for us - as we ready ourselves for it. 


In our human makeup, we have mental constructs that create patterns from our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. As a result, these patterns determine the results we experience, so our sense of suffering and various limitations can be recognized as a byproduct of these constraining patterns. In order to realize our potential, innate worth, gifts, and abilities, Josephine helps people see from a broader perspective. She offers insight from outside of the world they've known through their habits of thought, to finally identify what mental pattern(s) have been holding them back, in order to change their own lives for the better.

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."

~ Wayne Dyer

What's included in the program?

  • Going deeper within to discover your authentic nature.

  • Unlocking the voice of the body and its silent messages.

  • Fine-tuning the power of connection with Source in Mother Earth, Nature and the Elements, releasing a deeper level and the power of compassion, appreciation, and joy.

  • Discovering a new direction, focus, and meaning in life, relationships, spirituality, and career perspectives.

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