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I have tapped into the understanding of quantum physics, natural laws, and applied the wisdom that my higher power revealed to me through retaining the memory of being nonphysical consciousness before birth. I recognized that the intention set prior to becoming a physical being is to remain in tune, or "sensitive" to the innate nonphysical consciousness that we are. It also means that emotions are a build-in "guidance system" that helps one know if the thought-energies I'm vibrating at, are resonating with this higher or broader perspective and "awareness", or not.


Being a highly sensitive person and empathic, it's been commonplace to feel challenged in finding harmony between balancing energies and working with your emotions. From this new awareness and approach, we are learning how to understand the value of finding a new way to balance oneself, and feel empowered, instead of drained, frustrated, and overwhelmed.


I would like to share with you some of the tools and skills that I've learned in shifting my perspective and aligning with this broader understanding.


You're invited to learn more by going to a free online 35-minute webinar on how to be empowered as an empath by clicking the button below.


I believe we're always expanding our knowledge and wisdom, and evolving in every respect. There's nothing more encouraging than connecting with others that have the same desire to do so more deliberately and consciously.

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