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Lotus Om Journal: A Dot-Lined Blank Journal Notebook

Lotus Om is a dot-lined grid blank journal notebook diary with the Sanskrit mantra written on the front cover, "Om Mani Padme Hum" which is an ancient Buddhist mantra. In English, this rhythmic chant literally translates to “Praise to the Jewel in the Lotus”. The person being the "lotus" and the "jewel" being the divinity that resides within. According to various references on Buddhist traditions, reciting this phrase, or mantra, is one tool that can help guide you on the path to enlightenment. The Dalai Lama is said to have consistently praised the power of this prayer mantra to purify the mind, helping you cultivate inner wisdom.

This journal has been lovingly crafted with 100-dot lined blank pages, with the "Lotus Om" symbol at the top of each page. The front and back cover is a beautiful image of lily pads in deep blue waters, with the vibrant pink and white lotus flower - that has yellow pistils, resting bountifully on the front cover with the mantra written just below it. The creator's insignia, "Live in AAWE™ - The art of allowing wellbeing every day, in some way", is printed in small font on the back cover of the journal with the colorful symbol of the "Lotus Om" just above it. May you make this journal diary notebook your own when you place pen to page, with your affirmations, prayers, diary entries, insights, and etc, each and every day. Enjoy!

Paperback - $7.99

100-Page Dreamy Pastel-Colored Dream Journal (Notebook or Diary): A Leader-lined Journal, Notebook, or Diary

This is a beautiful paperback Dream Journal (notebook or diary). The front and back cover is a dreamy pastel-colored reflective light "dots" in varying shades of sea blue-green, pink, white, with bits of sparkle. The front of the book is labeled "Dream Journal". The back cover has the creator's insignia, " Live in AAWE™ - The art of allowing wellbeing every day, in some way".

The inside of the journal has 100-pages of dot or leader-lined blank pages awaiting your insights, discoveries, and personal dream interpretations. Within is the journal creator's quote at the bottom of the pages, "I can create my reality in my dreams." Let this journal become your companion and personal log of self-discovery, or the law of attraction practices through journaling, that it can be!

Paperback - $6.99

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My Diary - Beautiful Diary Journal Notebook with a Delicate Flower

This is a beautiful diary journal notebook with a soft pink and blue blurred background on the front and back cover and a lovely delicate white flower on the front cover under "My Diary". A positive quote was written by the creator of the notebook at the bottom of the front cover stating, “Each day is a new day. Let me seek the good and revel in it". The back cover has the creator's insignia, "Live in AAWE™ - The art of allowing wellbeing every day, in some way".

The diary was tastefully created to inspire your pen (or pencil) to the pages of this journal awaiting your personal expressions, innermost thoughts, insights, affirmations, prayers, hopes, dreams, invocations, and/or daily log of each new day. It has 100-lined pages with a lined space at the top of each page for the date of your entry. Enjoy!

Paperback - $6.99

Daily Journal - A Journal Diary Notebook with Pastel Pink Flowers and a Butterfly

This nature-inspired "Daily Journal" (diary; notebook) has beautiful pink flowers on the back and front cover, accented in pale green, with a butterfly resting on the flower petals of the front cover. Under the title of the journal, is a positive quote written by the creator of the notebook that says, "Each morning I am anew because the day has never happened before in all the world".

Let this 100-page lined journal, with a spot to write the date, be your daily go-to and refuge of thoughts. The cover was designed to draw you into an uplifting, positive space that could encourage the flow of your pen (or pencil) to the pages of this daily journal diary. It's useful as a diary journal or log, affirmation journal, or prayer journal notebook. On the back cover is the creator's insignia, "Live in AAWE™ - The art of allowing wellbeing every day, in some way", written in small print in a soft green font. Enjoy!

Paperback - $6.99

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Yellow Star Notebook: A Brilliant Yellow Colored Notebook With Stars

Yellow Star Notebook is a brilliant yellow-colored 6 x 9 notebook with gold and silver stars on the upper front corner cover and lower back corner of the back cover. This 100-page lined notebook journal diary has "Notebook" as the title on the front cover. The lower right corner of the front cover has a box with "Property of" and a place to write your, or a student's name.

This fun notebook, with its bright yellow coloring, can be easily found and add a bit of cheer with the sparkly stars. Great for class notes, or anytime you need someplace to do note-taking, homework, or write down your great ideas! The creator's insignia is written in small print at the top center of the back cover, "Live in AAWE™", which is an acronym for "live in the art of allowing wellbeing every day, in some way". Enjoy!

Paperback - $6.99

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