What is affirmative prayer treatment support?

Affirmative prayer (also known as spiritually-based mind treatments) is a means to aligning oneself to the perspective that the Spirit (Source, God, Inner Being, Higher Self) within, holds. It's praying with the understanding that the purpose of prayer is to change one's own perspective in order to be receptive to the way Spirit (nonphysical consciousness) sees it - which is already done, given, available, and ready to become into our manifested reality. Affirmative prayer is a form of prayer or a metaphysical technique that is focused on a positive outcome rather than a negative situation. 

Faith, is the belief in the spiritual or nonphysical 'reality' that is not seen or experienced through our physical senses. It is the trusting and knowing that our needs and desires are already met the moment the question, concern, contrast or problem arises. Our job, is to shift our attention from perceiving the 'lack of what is being observed' to the knowing, trust, and faith that it already is unfolding, and shall be, because it is natural law.

Through affirmative prayer or spiritually-based mind treatment, I help you to shift your focus from what is unwanted, to what is wanted. Your mindset, general state of being, and energy surrounding the topic is softened and more allowing to realize, receive and be receptive to the guidance of the unfolding desire and intention. The feeling invoked, is the prayer.

It is not uncommon, when thinking of prayer, to think that it is a process of beseeching, begging or asking God for something. Over time, this approach has felt less effective, or better said, doesn’t allow a person to feel that divine connection between self and Spirit.
A scripture that reminds me of this teaching through Jesus is Mark 11:24, "Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours." When we pray affirmatively, we are making the intention of the mind and heart one. We are speaking the emotional, vibrational (electromagnetic frequency, superconscious field of electrical energy waves) that is the language of the 'mind of God', also called the 'Divine Matrix', or Source of energy that creates worlds - which we call God, Spirit, Supreme Being, or Superconsciousness.
In the former way of praying, I might say, "Please God, heal my illness." Whereas, in affirmative prayer, it would sound more like, "Thank you, God, for this body, my awareness of it and of your presence. I am guided in how to allow my natural state of wellbeing and trust each impulse and inspiration along the way."  
When praying affirmatively, I am demonstrating to myself that I can trust the very life-giving Source Energy that is within me and all around me, to lead me to my highest good and the good of all, regardless of how things may temporarily appear. It's not about the words I use, as much as it is invoking the right emotions within, suspending all judgement of the human mind or ego - using the 'mind' of the heart that surpasses the human mind, allowing communion with the Divine Mind, Source Energy. The Cherokee have a word that points to this, which is "Shante Ishta" that means 'the single eye of the heart'. This is where the power lies within each of us allow the Divine to answer our prayers that invokes healing, moving mountains, and bringing desired changes and improvements. 
The metaphysical or spiritual approach to prayer is focusing on the good we desire instead of the negative condition we're praying about. It's understanding that God's will is for our highest good and wellbeing in every sense of the meaning. Therefore, we do not have to beg, prove, or convince God of our need for change or worthiness. We are worthy because we exist. In Ernest Holmes book, Science of Mind, he calls affirmative prayer, "a recognition of Spirit's Omniscience, Omnipotence, and Omnipresence, and a realization of man's unity with Spirit." In the lost Gospel of Thomas, in verse 106, it states, "When you make the two - thought and emotion - one, you will say to the mountain, "Mountain, move away" and the mountain will move away."'When you can marry your thought and your emotion into one single potent force. that is when you have the power to speak to the world."' Verse 48 Jesus states, "If the two make peace with each other in this one house [you], you will say to the mountain, "Mountain move away" and the mountain will move away."' It was so important for us to understand that our feelings are our prayers, that it was repeated three times in the Gospel of Thomas. The Gospel of Thomas was one of the books left out when the Bible was compiled and edited by Constantine all the years ago.
As one who practices affirmative prayer support, I would also define the process as is holding sacred space, being mindful, present, and keeping what others share with me, in loving confidence. When I use an affirmative prayer approach, I am holding faith that the power of [God] Source Energy is continually blessing and guiding me in my life with unlimited possibilities that I'm discovering on my life journey. Praying affirmatively causes me to be aware and conscious of my intentions, my true desires, and reach for the highest good of all by connecting to the presence of my God-Source from within. From this perspective, giving thanks for what is, or is becoming – as well as releasing the thoughts and perceptions that inhibit my ability to recognize it's unfolding – is possible and plausible. It becomes a tangible experience because I feel it from within my heart; my being.

When I am using affirmative prayer, I am acknowledging and allowing myself to experience the Divine (Spirit; God-Source) that resides within. In the former approach to prayer, it indicated that there is separation from God, the Divine, or Christ Consciousness. A scripture that reminds me that we are not separate but are connected – made in likeness – and therefore an extension of our God-Source, is Genesis 1:27 that says, "So God created mankind in his own image [spirit; energy], in the image of God he created them; male and female [physical manifestation] he created them."
The approach of affirmative prayer allows me to nurture, experience and expand my trust in my intimate relationship with Spirit, God-Source, the Divine. To connect with Spirit in the way necessary to know the unfolding path for me and my life journey, is a process that must be done from within. In Autobiography of a Yogi, Paramahansa Yogananda said, "The human mind is a spark of the almighty consciousness of God. I could show you that whatever your powerful mind believes very intensely would instantly come to pass." 

Why use affirmative prayer treatment?

I believe that most of us will agree that if our mindset or attitude is negative or one of disbelief, we lack the ability to focus on what answers or solutions we would prefer. The more attention and energy put into what isn't working, what is wrong, or what could possibly go wrong before anything has even happened, the worse we feel and the more we experience what we don't want.

A Course in Miracles says, "The Bible emphasizes that all prayer is answered, and this is indeed true. The very fact that the Holy Spirit has been asked for anything will ensure a response. Yet it is equally certain that no response given by Him will ever be one that would increase fear. It is possible that His answer will not be heard. It is impossible, however, that it will be lost. There are many answers you have already received but have not yet heard. I assure you that they are waiting for you."  Therefore, we see the importance and value in prayer that affirms what we desire, our intentions and the goodness that is already revealing itself to us through the natural law of attraction, ready for our receptivity and realization of it.

Recognizing that there is power in our mindset or beliefs, which is a habit of thought we keep thinking, then it's quite clear that if we can put effort into a negative mindset or belief, therefore causing ourselves to experience more of it - we absolutely have the aptitude and capacity to choose a better, more productive approach to the way we think. In doing so, we allow ourselves access and receptivity to answers, solutions, and realizing a natural state of wellbeing that's always available to us.

How do you know? Good question! Consider a time when you started your day in a bad mood. Didn't you notice how it seemed like one thing after another kept showing up that 'added' (actually affirmed or better said, reflected the inner mindset and attitude) to your 'bad' day? Right. Same thing when you've noticed you had a really awesome day. One thing after another took place that enhanced - actually reflected your inner state, and it just got better and better!

Since it takes practice to learn how to deliberately be more focused on good more of the time, I've found one of the powerful tools to help myself and others relax into a better feeling place that allows a receptive mind and heart for 'prayers to be answered' - is affirmative prayer. It sets the tone of affirming what you want, by gently shifting the beliefs into allowing a new belief in that serves you. That's how we surrender or allow Spirit [Source Energy] to do what it's doing all day, everyday, which is helping us, guiding us, showing us, loving us, and being the innate wellbeing that is 'sourcing' our mind, body, spirit, life-force, world around us, and all that is!

To quote Gregg Braden, an author, scientist, international educator and renowned as a pioneer in the emerging paradigm based in science, spirituality, social policy and human potential, says, "There can only be one solution to any problem: a change in attitude and in consciousness. The secret of our lost mode of prayer is to shift our perspective of life by feeling that the miracle has already happened and our prayers have been answered."



What else do I need to know before we begin?

It's a spirit-led practice and results do vary based upon how strongly rooted you are in your beliefs around the topic you're desiring prayer support. By these words alone, you can tell the level of your receptivity by your gut response. If you cringed for a moment with some doubt, it's okay. That means it's new, and you're aware of how you feel - which is a key component. So, good for you! You can do this. Like anything, it's about practice and focus - relaxing into it, and appreciating the experience and the moment. 

You may be practiced at affirmative prayer, and therefore you have a level of comfort with the approach. Good for you. The key for you is to appreciate that there is no perfection, only practice - and it's always different per topic. You're reaching for the experience of shifting your perspective in relationship to a new situation, and it's okay. Nothing has gone wrong.


So, be easy on yourself either way - after all, that's what the Spirit in you is doing, and that's the lead that you want to follow!

In the process you're putting to practice faith and trust that what is desired, already is. Our prayer is affirming this, and aligning our mindset and beliefs with it. When, or if, you return for more prayer treatment on the same topic or issue, a new prayer will be formulated in accordance to wherever your state of mind and general energy is at the moment, about it. If this approach is relatively new for you, or it's a new approach on the specific topic, I recommend keeping a copy or recording of the prayer; then you may implement it later, as you feel guided.

How do we get started?

It's best to prepare yourself through meditation to quiet your mind, becoming as open, relaxed and receptive as you can right before you contact me for the prayer support session. Affirmative prayer is a spirit-led practice, meaning that the prayer itself is though a guided process from my relationship with that Higher Power and wisdom that resides within. I am making a request on your behalf, that you may be empowered to hear, feel, and recognize it within you, through the formulated prayer that is inspired at that time.


Discern what topic or concern you would like affirmative prayer support provided for, then follow the steps below.

An Affirmative Prayer Support Treatment Session(s) may be provided through email, Facebook Messenger, text, or live video chat. This is a donation-based support service. You may provide your donation by clicking on the 'love-offering' button below. Contact me to schedule a prayer treatment session through the link at the bottom of this page. 


Thank you for allowing me to be of support and service to you in this way! It is my mission to support as many as I can, reminding through the power of affirmative prayer and spiritually-based mind treatment, that you have a direct relationship with the God-Source within and the power to tune into it at any time for anything!

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How do I know when to get support through Spiritual Advice, Mentoring or Counseling?


Spirituality has evolved over time and is considered a concept of reaching higher levels of consciousness. Being spiritual means you believe in a higher power, either related to or independent from a religion. There's a desire for understanding and deepening the connection and relationship to your higher power (the Divine, God/Goddess, Spirit, Inner Being, Source Energy), and the interrelationship with nature, the deepest parts of self, and the broader connection to all that is.   


Spiritual Advice or mentoring is helpful when you want to take a spiritual approach to your day-to-day life events, challenges and decision making. It could be getting help, insight, and clarity related to relationships, work, jobs, career options, relocating, etc. - through the broader perspective of Spirit. It's beneficial when you're learning how to integrate spiritual practices, learning new tools such as energy work, automatic writing, or other means to deepening your personal relationship with your higher power and increasing your intuitive abilities.

Spiritual Counseling is helpful when you're in need of taking more in-depth steps to tapping into your own answers, solutions, intuition, and your spiritual development.

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