Metamorphosis of Services and Business

When someone asks how long it took to get to where I am today - the way that my business and its construct are laid out, it seems appropriate to say it took my whole life to date. After all, it's life experiences that aid in formulating decisions, desires, passions, and our personalities, as does the intention and blend of energies that we came with into this lifetime.


That being said, from a more linear perspective the life of my practice was birthed in September 1994, right after I completed my certification in the High Touch® Jin Shin Acupressure Practitioner program - immediately venturing into treating clientele. My venture that sparked the inner passion for adding value to the world through various modalities and means, that support others in connecting to their higher power that is found within, was fueled by my studies in 1991 - 1993 in Colorado, while training from a practitioner, master, to teacher levels in Raja, Kriya, Kundalini Healing, and Sanskrit - Mantra Yoga, Mindfulness, and Guided Imagery (Visualization).


My practice was rebranded, services redefined, and renamed in May of 2018, as "Integrative Therapies & Consulting". In 2003 my practice evolved and relocated, as I did, and was rebranded "Alternatives by Josephine". Back in 1994, "Body, Mind, Spirit" was the original name of my business while getting to utilize the High Touch® logo as a certified practitioner and member of the Network. For a brief period, I took on a business partner in 1996, which ended within about a year of working together, due to unforeseen health concerns that she needed to address at that time.


Over the course of 27-years, as of September 2021, of being a self-employed business owner - solopreneur, and practitioner, the name of my practice changed with the times. And as I grew in skills, experience, gained other certifications, and experience from other forms of employment, this too, added to the inspiration to change the name, the types of services, and my business formulation and methodology. It has grown with me, as I have personally and professionally evolved, as I believe it is meant to be.


During the evolution of my business, there was a combination of about 5 to 6-years that I took a break from my own practice. Admittingly, as I smile to myself, I realize that even in those breaks, I would still see a client here and there. Still, it inevitably served me to have a new perspective in business practices, approach, and learning new skills on the technical end of running a business as technology changed, and so did the industry. I didn't always recognize it at the time, however, I'm eternally grateful for every experience that has allowed me to gain clarity, insight, and refine the wholistic way that I provide services, adding more skill sets, and getting to add value to my part of the world. It has been through working with every client, associate's, and collaborating with other group event facilitators, that I've ever had the pleasure of working with, and those that continue to work with me in resonance with what I offer, that's allowed me to follow my calling.


It took a minute to pause and realize the value that I have been blessed to provide, by living an ever-growing love and passion to uplift, encourage, and teach through living examples over the accumulated 22+ years of being in business and getting to be of service through my ongoing, evolving practice, "Integrative Therapies & Consulting".


So, to each of you, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey, just as you have been a part of mine, including those preparing to journey together with me on your ongoing adventure in life, and your personal and spiritual development practices!


Much love, light, and blessings,


                                           ~ Josephine

**Disclaimer: Any form of services, recommendations, or advice offered remotely, online, or in person, is not a replacement for any licensed professional or medical doctor. Please use your best judgment and obtain medical or psychological care accordingly. If you feel you are suicidal, please call 1-800-273-8255, or text: 741741, today.         #youmatter         #youareworththetimeandeffort         #mentalhealth