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Blended Energy Method(TM) Therapy

BEM(TM) Therapy.
An emerging approach to blending energy healing work, guided in spiritual or contemporary style shamanic journeying - also considered a type of inner exploration by going within oneself for the purpose of consultation and therapy through guided relaxation and visualization.
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The Blended Energy Method™ or BEM™ Therapy is a blended approach to energy balancing and alignment that help attune your auric field and chakra centers (energy centers in the body) to your higher vibrational energy frequencies, relaxing you into better connection with your own inner wisdom, guidance, and innate wellbeing.


It is an aspect of bioenergetics or otherwise known as a system of physical and psychological therapy that is held to increase well-being by releasing blocked physical and psychic energy.


It is a merging process that is guiding you through a spiritual or contemporary style of shamanic journeying and healing - also considered a type of inner exploration by going within oneself for the purpose of consultation and therapy through a guided process that takes you into, and beyond relaxation and visualization, into feeling the energetic consciousness that you are.


The purpose of being guided is to allow yourself to delve safely and deeply, without concern of external conditions interfering with the thought of them - or time, at the forefront of your mind. This method aids in transcending the ego-mind, and attunes YOU to your higher self and higher power, allowing for balance, harmony, and healing to ensue naturally in mind, body, and spirit.

You are an aware, conscious energy being that is attempting to fully express through the manifested body that you have. External patterns reflect energy pattern blocks in your core system, which we will work together in order for you to call your energy back, and recentralize your entire system.

Have you been wondering "how to balance your energy?"

Or, "how to heal my mind"?

If you are...


  • Feeling like you have low energy

  • Or out of sorts,

  • Or just feeling off-balance?

  • Getting over an illness,

  • Or need a boost to get through an illness?

  • Struggling with hearing your inner guidance from your spirit team, guides, or angels?

  • Have an idea that your mind or thoughts may be affecting your well-being in some way?

Then let's schedule you for a BEM(TM) Session. This is a blend of distant energy work such as Reiki, guided self-applied Acupressure, aura, and chakra cleansing and alignment. When you're sensitive to the energies around you, or just overdoing it, your energy centers and energy field that fuel your body-mind connection become "cluttered" and out of balance. This can affect your ability to make better choices for the well-being of your body-mind health and can become an unpleasant cycle that is notable by feeling low energy, depleted, unmotivated or uninspired, overwhelmed, anxious, or depressed. Sometimes if your body is getting over an illness, your energy field will feel overtaxed, just as your body does.

We've all been there. I certainly understand the frustration of not feeling like yourself. So, allow me to offer the support to boost your state of mind, find clarity, improved energy mentally, emotionally, and physically, and be more balanced, and feel uplifted and lighter through a BEM(TM) session.

Schedule a session with me by clicking the button below which will take you to the calendar.

A single session is between 25-45 minutes. As an Empathic Coach, Counselor, and Natural Health Consultant, I will include additional recommendations as needed, for your circumstances.

A treatment package consists of 3-sessions. This serves in obtaining the best results possible. Additional session packages may be recommended as needed, according to your specific circumstances.


The energy exchange for this service package is $297 per 3-session packageClick the button below to schedule your sessions.

Sessions are provided via video chat through Google Meet or Facebook Messenger. If you opt for Google Meet,  and once your session is scheduled, you will be provided a link to join (similar to Zoom) online for your scheduled session. For a live video chat through Facebook Messenger, you will have to have a personal Facebook account.

What People Are Saying:
New Flowers

"I came for treatment sessions with Josephine because of issues with my weight, and health - primarily being an insulin-dependent diabetic. I wanted to get off the medication, but I wasn't having any success. After the fourth session out of eight treatment sessions of acupressure/energy work, and following her dietary recommendations, I was able to completely get off of insulin. My blood sugar leveled out. I lost 40+ pounds, and I've been insulin-free ever since. It's been over 25 years or more, now. I  don't get 'energy work', but I felt it was a God-given or guided thing, as I am a firm Christian believer, and it worked all the same for me. So, I'd definitely recommend working with her." - D.J.

Birthday Presents

"I completed my first remote session with Josephine today and it was truly awe-inspiring. The BEM meditation was so peaceful and relaxing, and I feel very serene right now. Josephine has a very special light and she effortlessly shares it with others. That light shines brightly for all to see and feel. I cannot recommend a session with her enough, for stress management, mindfulness, and genuine peace. It was a true gift to experience. Much love and many blessings!" - Leah Minca

New Flowers

"I've never met anyone that remembers being conscious of themselves before being born. Somehow I think this add's to Josephine's ability to somehow know - or feel, how my energy needs to be adjusted, moved, or cleared to feel better.

I have to say that every time I've gotten a session - which I've had several over the course of about 6 months, I leave feeling better in one way or another." - Steven

You are invited to take advantage of the other tools here to enhance your existing practices or start anew. Here are some recommendations:


Completing a 31-day gratitude journaling practice by implementing our 31-day gratitude journal that guides you with the law of attraction-inspired affirmations each day. Click here to get the "Wildflowers 31-Day Gratitude Journal: A Law of Attraction Inspired Approach to Gratitude Journaling".

Next, familiarize yourself with some of the work Josephine's teaching that is shared in the self-development book, "HSP - Empathic and Empowered: Expanding My Perspective". This book has practical exercises that you can apply as you read along for a hands-on experience. Click here to learn more and order your copy today.


If you are currently experiencing challenges that are beyond your scope of obtaining services provided here, you are sincerely encouraged to use this time as an opportunity to find deeper acceptance for life and to be proactive in contacting local healthcare professionals or agencies specific to your needs.

"One who heals themself heals those who came before and those that come after.

Most importantly, you give yourself and the world the gift of experiencing the fullness of you.

Let that begin today." ~ Josephine

Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy: We value your time and ours. Cancellations or rescheduling are required 24 hours prior to scheduled appointments. Appointments are required to be paid no later than 1-hour prior to the scheduled session. Payments are final and there are no refunds.

Disclaimer: When addressing the potential effects and benefits within any of our websites, videos, newsletters, programs, or other content from, we’ve taken every effort to ensure that we accurately represent our programs and their ability to impact your life. However, Josephine Sheppard does not guarantee that you will experience results in any given timeframe or that your physical, mental, psychological, or emotional well-being will be immediately or drastically improved. Josephine Sheppard does not claim to diagnose or treat any specific conditions. It is our belief that all of our ideas, tools, strategies, or recommendations have been shown to have an effect, on the majority of people who have successfully engaged with our content; however, nothing on our site is a guarantee to you of any particular impact or effect. Josephine Sheppard's approach is intended for educational purposes only. Information provided by this website or this organization is not a substitute for individual medical advice. Programs, services, and rates are subject to change at the discretion of "Integrative Therapies & Consulting".

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