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Josephine Sheppard


How to be Empowered as an Empath and Highly Sensitive Person

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You're an evolving highly sensitive person and/or empathic. Things nowadays are pretty intense. You're familiar with ways to shield and move your energy, but things are different now.


I really get that! Just like you, I'm an empath that is evolving and becoming more aware, too!


I've learned how to implement various practices, with the understanding of the natural law of attraction, and I want to share them with you. There's nothing to buy. I am an author. I wrote about being empathic and empowered - but, right now, energetically things are shifting - and I believe in helping others out. When I discover something works well for me, and I know others or working their path that have similar challenges - I want to let you in on the discovery.


We're all in this together! So, join me on this webinar and let me show you how to work through overwhelm, and prevent being totally consumed with the negative emotions around you, as a highly sensitive person and empath.


See you on the inside!


Love and (virtual) hugs,


                            ~ Josephine   xoxo



Josephine Sheppard

Author, Personal & Spiritual Development Consultant

I help individuals understand and relate their strengths to their relationship with their Higher Power; how to shift from perceived weaknesses, fears, and doubts, to follow your heart, understand and work with your own souls highest intentions, and use your attributes to have leverage for new life opportunities.

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