Where you receive personalized one-on-one Integrative Holistic Spiritual Consultation that may include BEMTM Biofield Therapy services, with Josephine Sheppard.

Individual Treatment sessions and personalized programs are available.

Please see below for a full description of services, the benefits, tools, service options, and rates.

Individualized Treatment Sessions and Consultative Programs can help you achieve improved results in your relationships, communication, and ability to focus and apply spiritual practices and principles, that serve your state of mind, body, and spirit. You will discover how to work with your abilities as a sensitive soul, reduce stress, depression, and anxiety, become more confident in your ability to navigate in these energetically changing times, and learn skills to recognize your inner dialogs and how to evolve past them in a way that allows for healing in mind and body, creating a better quality of life.

The integrative approach helps you to understand why you do what you do, in order to invoke the kind of change within yourself that draws long-term results because you're learning how to develop the skills and build the 'muscles' in the mind-body-spirit relationship, that affects all areas of your life. 

To know the peace of mind and freedom from major mental and emotional stressors, you need to know what tools to use, how and when to apply the tools, and how to move past your own mental blocks that tell you otherwise.

"My role during sessions is to hold a space where you are able to find your own grounding in your higher power, inner wisdom, and gain the clarity and insight you're reaching for within yourself on the topic(s) of concern, and also teaching new tools while helping refine existing ones." ~ Josephine

Aspects of Josephine's therapeutic approach that contributes to supporting your ability to live in AAWETM : 

  1. As a story or belief arises with emotions you're experiencing now, that will be allowed to be heard, understood, and processed in relation to how you've developed belief systems and behaviors that either help or inhibit how you are perceiving yourself, others, and life events. In psychology and cognitive science, this is called schema. A schema "describes a pattern of thought or behavior that organizes categories of information and the relationships among them"

  2. You may be provided exercises to support your desire to experience results in the area of improvement you're seeking, as applicable to your specific needs and concerns. This may include but is not limited to, self-awareness exercises in order to consciously reframe, and train your mind into new patterns of thinking, thus changing your behavior to that which you desire. Cognitive reframing or restructuring is a psychological technique that consists of identifying and then changing the way situations, experiences, events, ideas, and/or emotions are perceived or interpreted through habits of thought that created a belief not serving you.

  3. For most people nowadays, letting go of the patterns of negative thinking, and giving attention to intrusive thoughts is the most beneficial way of making positive changes. This is where the art of mindfulness comes into play. What that looks like is a combination of steps that a new wave in psychology and cognitive science is calling Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, or ACT. Josephine compassionately guides you in how to accept difficult emotions in order to discover the patterns of thought behind them, gently moving into more desirable behavior and learning to be more focused on the present. This approach helps you to discover qualities that help you become more purposeful in your decision making and actions versus reacting and ruminating.

  4. You will be encouraged to broaden your perspective(s), and energy field. You'll be guided in a strength-based approach that focuses on your skills, knowledge, and positive attributes, and invited to put what you learn to practice. There's no such thing as perfection, only progress. And practice is progress!

What constitutes wellbeing is the ability to be the observer of oneself, one's thoughts, and emotions, without identifying as the "story". It also is the ability to allow your vibrational frequency to naturally rise to its natural state of wellbeing from topic to topic. This may resonate at frequencies such as joy, appreciation, understanding (compassion), clarity, lightheartedness, freedom, peace, vibrancy, and stability.

Josephine's work gives you a new experience of what it means to merge one's awareness as a spiritual being with a human experience. Taking a leading-edge approach to accessing the old narratives of the subconscious mind is not about solving problems - it's learning how to access true freedom and wellbeing, that's entirely controlled through one's state of mind and habits of thought, which is what a belief is. When these patterns are addressed, then improvement in health, relationships, ability to make better choices and follow-through, realizing new abilities, and a love of life are discovered.


Quality of life in the one that you're living now is a priceless commodity and a worthwhile investment. The work done with you here is inner work, reflection, steps to evolving intentionally, and broadening your spectrum of conscious living and self-awareness in order to live in AAWETM - the art of allowing wellbeing every day in some way.

To discover the best approach for you, schedule a  free Self-Awareness Strategy Session, and be prepared to be offered the best Personalized Strategy Program with one-on-one sessions with Josephine.

It is an honor to work with you to create your Personalized Strategy Program, that is customized to you and your needs. In preparation for the conversation about which program model would best fit your goals, review the below program outlines and rates. Then, at the end of your Free Self-Awareness Strategy Session, you can discuss which model feels suited to the goals you've discovered during your strategy session.

A four-week program includes two live sessions a week (8 total live sessions)twenty text correspondence exchanges during regular business hours for additional support outside of the scheduled live sessions, and a bonus session at the end of your program! The energy exchange for this service is $1669.

A six-week program includes two live sessions a week (12 total live sessions), forty text correspondence exchanges during regular business hours for additional support outside of the scheduled live sessions, and a bonus session at the end of your program! The energy exchange for this service is $2669.

An eight-week program includes two live sessions a week (16 total live sessions), unlimited text correspondence exchanges during regular business hours for additional support outside of the scheduled live sessions, and a bonus session at the end of your program! The energy exchange for this service is $3669.

Regardless of whether you opt to work with Josephine one-on-one or utilize the other services on the website, you are invited to take advantage of the other tools here to enhance your existing practices or start anew. Here are some recommendations:


Completing a 31-day gratitude journaling practice implementing our 31-day gratitude journal that guides you with the law of attraction-inspired affirmations each day. Click here to get the "Wildflowers 31-Day Gratitude Journal: A Law of Attraction Inspired Approach to Gratitude Journaling".

Next, familiarize yourself with some of the work Josephine's teaching that is shared in the self-development book, "HSP - Empathic and Empowered: Expanding My Perspective". This book has practical exercises that you can apply as you read along for a hands-on experience. Click here to learn more and order your copy today.

Workshops and courses (link to "services" at the top) are being created that continue to add quality content to support you on your journey. So, be sure to check back by subscribing for updates and insights.


If you are currently experiencing challenges that are beyond your scope of obtaining services provided here, you are sincerely encouraged to use this time as an opportunity to find deeper acceptance for life and to be proactive in contacting local healthcare professionals or agencies specific to your needs.

“Change yourself and you have done your part in changing the world.” 
- Paramahansa Yogananda

The Blended Energy Method™ or BEM™ Biofield Therapy Treatment program is a blended approach to energy balancing and alignment sessions that help attune your auric field and chakra centers (energy centers in the body) to your higher vibrational energy frequencies, along with guided deep relaxation and visualization - also called Quantum Healing and Alignment, that attune you to your higher self, and higher power.


During Consultative Program sessions, the Blended Energy Method™ is incorporated as needed to assist you in achieving your intended goals and results.

Click on the "download file" button to see a free two-page itemization of the science behind energy work and vibrational medicine as related to, and an introduction to the Blended Energy Method™.

If you are...


  • Feeling like you have low energy

  • Or out of sorts,

  • Or just feeling off-balance?

  • Getting over an illness,

  • Or need a boost to get through an illness?

Then let's schedule you for a Biofield Therapy Treatment session. This is a blend of distant energy work such as Reiki, guided self-applied Acupressure, aura, and chakra cleansing and alignment. When you're sensitive to the energies around you, or just overdoing it, your energy centers and energy field that fuel your body-mind connection become "cluttered" and out of balance. This can affect your ability to make better choices for the well-being of your body-mind health and can become an unpleasant cycle that is notable by feeling low energy, depleted, unmotivated or uninspired, overwhelmed, anxious, or depressed. Sometimes if your body is getting over an illness, your energy field will feel overtaxed, just as your body does.

We've all been there. I certainly understand the frustration of not feeling like yourself. So, allow me to offer the support to boost your state of mind, find clarity, improved energy mentally, emotionally, and physically, and be more balanced, and feel uplifted and lighter through a Biofield Therapy Treatment session.

A single session is between 30-60 minutes and will include additional recommendations as needed, for your circumstances. The energy exchange for this service is $60/session. Click the button below to schedule a session. Be sure to indicate that you want a Biofield Therapy Treatment session.


"I completed my first remote session with Josephine today and it was truly awe-inspiring. The BEM meditation was so peaceful and relaxing, and I feel very serene right now. Josephine has a very special light and she effortlessly shares it with others. That light shines brightly for all to see and feel. I cannot recommend a session with her enough, for stress management, mindfulness, and genuine peace. It was a true gift to experience. Much love and many blessings!" - Leah Minca, Ridgeville, SC

"I came for treatment sessions with Josephine because of issues with my weight, and health - primarily being an insulin-dependent diabetic. I wanted to get off the medication, but I wasn't having any success. After the fourth session out of eight treatment sessions of acupressure/energy work, and following her dietary recommendations, I was able to completely get off of insulin. My blood sugar leveled out. I lost 40+ pounds, and I've been insulin-free ever since. It's been over 25-years or more, now. And I still don't even understand the 'energy work' aspect - but who cares! I felt it was a God-given or guided thing, as I am a firm Christian believer, and it worked all the same for me. So, I'd definitely recommend working with her." - D.J. (Identity to remain anonymous)


If you are...


  • Feeling mental, emotional, and/or spiritual overwhelm, confused, seeking direction, or relief from stress, anxiety, or depression?

  • Need answers or direction that relate to life choices, relationships, career direction, or discovering what feels purposeful to you?

Then let's schedule you for a Quantum Healing and Alignment Session. This is a guided deep meditation and visualization session to promote relaxation, clearing of the body's energy field, and alignment with your higher self and higher power. This process allows to you get past the chatter of the ego-mind that creates confusion, and lack of direction, and triggers your anxiety and depression.

I know what it feels like to second guess yourself, self-sabotage, and feel overwhelmed. I also know the other side where you feel empowered, focused, joyful, and satisfied with the moment, and knowing what the next best step is towards personal desires and goals. I found this level of clarity through the deeper approach that allowed me to align with my inner wisdom and guidance that comes with aligned energy, merging my perspective with my higher self, and feeling the connection and loving guidance of my Higher Power of my understanding. This is what I am helping you to do through the Quantum Healing and Alignment Session.

A single session is between 45-60 minutes and will include additional recommendations as needed, for your circumstances. The energy exchange for this service is $60/session. Click the button below to schedule a session. Be sure to indicate that you want a Quantum Healing and Alignment Session.


If you are...

  • Seeking additional clarity or insight regarding

    • a career,

    • relationship,

    • work, or a decision in life?

Then let's schedule you for an Intuitive Reading Session. Please understand that this is not a predictive reading. This is a means to guide and point you in the direction of clarity about you and your circumstances so you know what you're not seeing or paying attention to the guides, angels, or Higher Power is pointing or calling you towards, in order to experience what you're asking for. Sometimes, we don't even know how to ask. Or, maybe it's not even being sure what you want, but only knowing what you don't want. Either way, clarity is what you need, versus the confusion, or indecisiveness you feeling. And that's okay, we all have those moments, and I'm here to be loving support.


Since I am not directly involved in your experience I am able to tap into a deeper sense of clarity and insight that comes through my relationship with my inner guidance - intuition, and sometimes using additional tools such as oracle cards, animal totem-spirit cards, or direct channeling of messages from the spirit (angelic - light or higher vibrational energy only) realm. The more information you provide, the more thorough your reading. An intuitive reading is not a mental game of mind-reading. It is the utilization of spiritual gifts to support others through the everyday challenges that arise in life. We're all in this world together.

A single Intuitive Reading Session is between 15-45 minutes and will include additional recommendations as needed, for your circumstances. The energy exchange for this service is $45/session. Click the button below to schedule a session. Be sure to indicate that you want an Intuitive Reading Session.


"Josephine truly embodies the definition of a lightworker. She is caring, loving, incredibly accurate in her readings, and presents herself fully with positive, loving energy. I would highly recommend a session with Josephine - she will offer you great insight to move forward in your life." - Elyse Ann, Scottsdale, Arizona

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