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Integrative  Therapies with Empathic Counseling & Coaching

Discover a new approach to changing what is limiting you, gaining the insight and tools to create a life you desire.

*Free initial coaching session for new clients, and new to this service offer, only. Must be a subscriber to this website to participate. Thank you!

When you're sensitive and questioning "how to balance my energy" and "how to heal my mind", personalized Integrative Therapy with Empathic Counseling and Coaching Sessions help you achieve clarity, support, tools, and insight for improved results in your relationships, communication, healing journey, and ability to focus and apply spiritual practices and principles, that serve your state of mind, body, and spirit.

You're human. This means you've experienced a life that includes a variety of beliefs that serve you, and that don't. You've lived through pain and trauma and learned patterns of behavior throughout your lifetime. There are many that contribute to what is blocking your ability to achieve goals and obtain the clarity needed to create the life you desire.

What makes sessions different with Josephine? She utilizes 22+ combined years of experience and studies, integrating modalities that include spiritual counseling, natural healthcare, metaphysics, and biofield therapies, along with her natural empathic abilities.

Because we are all multidimensional, and multifaceted beings, with individually unique personalities and life experiences, as a skilled empath, biofield therapist, spiritual practitioner, and counselor, Josephine takes a (w)holistic approach with you as the focal point - not a "problem". 


Josephine is culturally diverse and brings real-life experience into her practice. She has worked with highly sensitive individuals - both men and women, LGBTQ and heterosexual individuals. Josephine has facilitated Native American women's sober-living group sessions, as well as worked with individuals of various philosophical and religious backgrounds.

The integrative approach helps you to understand why you do what you do, in order to invoke the kind of change within yourself that draws long-term results because you're learning how to develop the skills and build the 'muscles' in the mind-body-spirit relationship, that affects all areas of your life. You will refine your ability how to change negative thinking.

To know peace of mind and freedom from major mental and emotional stressors, you need to know what tools to use, how and when to apply the tools, and how to move past your own mental blocks that tell you otherwise.

What constitutes wellbeing is the ability to be the observer of oneself, one's thoughts, and emotions, without identifying as the "story". It also is the ability to allow your vibrational frequency to naturally rise to its natural state of well-being from topic to topic. This may resonate at frequencies such as joy, appreciation, understanding (compassion), clarity, lightheartedness, freedom, peace, vibrancy, and stability.

Quality of life in the one that you're living now is a priceless commodity and a worthwhile investment. The work done with you here is inner work, reflection, steps to evolving intentionally, and broadening your spectrum of conscious living and self-awareness in order to live in AAWETM - the art of allowing wellbeing every day in some way.

To discover the best approach for you, schedule your initial *free coaching session, by clicking the button below.

A (W)Holistic Spiritual Counseling or Coaching session is 45-60 minutes. As an Empathic Coach, Counselor, and Natural Health Consultant, Josephine will include additional recommendations as needed, for your circumstances. Guided relaxation and visualization may be integrated within the session, as applicable, and as time allows.

The energy exchange for this service is $199/sessionClick the button below to schedule a session.

Sessions are provided via video chat through Google Meet. Once your session is scheduled, you will be provided a link to join (similar to Zoom) online for your scheduled session.

**Program packages are available to purchase multiple sessions at a lower rate that are individualized with you in mind. Inquire during your initial *Free Coaching Session

*Free initial coaching session for new clients, and new to this service offer, only. Must be a subscriber to this website to participate. Thank you!

Client Testimonial:

"I came to see Josephine after meeting her through a function held at the church I was attending. Her approach is straightforward, holding me accountable, but with deep compassion and understanding that helped me to understand myself, so I could make the changes I needed. I've returned to her for support, guidance, and insight on a number of occasions [over the course of about 4-years] that related to my relationships, work, and career, improving my intimate communications with my fiance, refining my intuitive abilities and deepening my own spiritual practices. I highly recommend her services!


As a highly sensitive male, I was hesitant to seek any type of traditional therapy. After meeting Josephine, hearing her personal stories, and most importantly, how she spoke with me - I knew that my sense of integrity and self-respect would remain intact  - and later even improve while working with her. That said, she's even redirected me to remember that it's all in "my" hands, which is good!" - A.C., Computer Programmer and Administrator

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Next, familiarize yourself with some of the work Josephine's teaching that is shared in the self-development book, "HSP - Empathic and Empowered: Expanding My Perspective". This book has practical exercises that you can apply as you read along for a hands-on experience. Click here to learn more and order your copy today.

If you are currently experiencing challenges that are beyond your scope of obtaining services provided here, you are sincerely encouraged to use this time as an opportunity to find deeper acceptance for life and to be proactive in contacting local healthcare professionals or agencies specific to your needs.

“Change yourself and you have done your part in changing the world.” 
- Paramahansa Yogananda

Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy: We value your time and ours. Cancellations or rescheduling are required 24 hours prior to scheduled appointments. Appointments are required to be paid no later than 1-hour prior to the scheduled session. Payments are final and there are no refunds.

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