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Affirmative Prayer Treatment is a means of shifting our own thinking to align with that of the Divine, Superconscious Mind that is pure all-loving, unlimited, boundless Source Energy.

When we pause and take time to recalibrate or realign our troubling thoughts and beliefs with the perspective of our Source and inner being, or soul-self that's remains in-sync with our Source - we allow ourselves to realize that that which we temporarily thought to be impossible, is possible. The possible becomes our realized reality through new thought, inspiration, positive emotions, and into the remaining aspects of our tangible world.

The tangible world is comprised of our body's, minds, sensory system, emotional system, and all that we sense and call reality through our 5-senses. As we evolve, we recognize that the tangible world or reality is the furthest leading edge of being spiritual beings - it's not separate, and cannot be, since we and all that is, is a vibrationally based Universe.

Affirmative Prayer or Spiritually-Based Mind Treatments is one of many ways we can help ourselves shift perspective to experience what already exists, vibrationally.

This particular session is focused with the intention of 'knowing' wellbeing, that it is realized into the manifested experience - which begins with our thoughts, then our emotions, until we 'be' it into being.

When you're ready, turn on your sound, hit play and follow along. Relax and enjoy!

Affirmative Prayer Treatment for Wellbeing with Josephine Sheppard
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