About Rev. Dr. Josephine

Josephine's life journey has defined how she shows up in this world today and the way she serves others. With over 27-years of combined experiences, education, and specialized training, the mediums and modalities she integrates within her approach to serving others are in a blend of roles. She serves as an intuitive counselor, self-development author, writer, personal and spiritual development consultant, facilitator, and instructor of meditation and mindfulness practices, energy practitioner and channel, earth-based spiritual guide, visual artist, and natural health consultant. She is a regular practitioner of introspection, spiritual journeying, mindfulness, meditation, and an eternal student of modern mysticism, shamanic and earth-based (Divinity in all) practices, principles, natural laws, and spirituality.

As the creator of the Live in AAWETM approach, she was inspired to write about her personal experiences with practical exercises she uses to make positive changes in her life. Josephine is the author of the self-development book, HSP - Empathic and Empowered: Expanding My Perspective, published through Balboa Press, a division of Hay House Publications. The book is available directly through Balboa Press, Amazon, KindleBarnes and Noble, and Nook Book.

In her role as a Natural Health Consultant, she has worked with Smoking Cessation, Stress Reduction, Pain Management, Weight Loss, and complementary therapies such as Therapeutic Massage, High Touch(R) Jin Shin Acupressure, Reiki, Therapeutic Stretching, Trigger Point Therapy, Polarity Therapy, Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, Hot/Cold Therapy, Essential Oils, and implemented the practice of nutritional foods and herbs as medicine. She has her Doctorate as a Religious Counselor, a Diploma as a Natural Health Consultant and in Fitness and Nutrition as a Trainer for the challenged, and Certification as a Reiki Master-Teacher, Therapeutic Massage Therapist, and High Touch(R) Jin Shin Acupressurist.

When residing in Michigan, Josephine was a regular member in good standing within the Spiritual Counselors Division of the Michigan Counseling Association, before that division was discontinued. After graduating high school in Michigan, she graduated from Practical Nurses Training at the same time, receiving Certification for completion of 900-Hours in Practical Nursing.

While working in Case Management as a Lead Support Coordinator and Trainer, Josephine was recognized for her leadership, mentoring, and teaching abilities. As a result, she was promoted to the position of Lead and Trainer. Josephine created and developed the training program and reference manual. She had integrated introspective skills and stress management in her training of the support coordinators which decreased the tendency for burnout and overwhelm in a demanding position.

Being an avid believer in outreach and being of service to support others in their life journey and spiritual practices, Josephine has participated in outreach ministry as Counselor to Pastor and Missionary Outreach through the Community of Christ Church. She has volunteered as a Prayer Chaplain through the Unity Church in Detroit and is presently an Ordained Minister through the Universal Life Church, a non-denominational organization. Josephine was a guest speaker, and regular member of the Detroit Theosophical Society, and led weekly meditation groups. She has participated in teaching classes and working with the facilitation team, for Spiritual Renewal Retreats held in Michigan through the Community of Christ Church.

Her Doctorate in Religious Counseling has afforded her the ongoing grace of learning, recognizing, and integrating value from the insights of various beliefs, religions, and philosophies. In her studies and research, she has found that each system has similarities that point us all back to going within to find and connect with a higher power of our knowledge. Josephine is known to reiterate that there are many paths that point us in the same direction for our own innate goodness, wellbeing, unconditional love, and joy of ever-evolving - expanding and becoming more as individuals, a collective, and in the whole of our unifying field of creation. 

Josephine draws from her professional and personal experiences to offer tools that support others on their life path. Between her work experience in human services, the health field, and private practice, Josephine has worked with various disabilities, diagnoses, ages, and a diversity of backgrounds and belief systems. She is an ever-growing, eternally developing modern mystic, neoshamanic-neopaganism practitioner, meaning she has regular practices aimed at divine union with Source, Oneness, human transformation, and finding ways to allow that inner, divine connection to be active in all that she does. Her practices support the intention to live in the art of allowing wellbeing every day, in some way (Live in AAWE™).

She's had three near-death experiences (NDE's), various spiritually transformative life experiences (STE's), and a clear memory of being nonphysical consciousness prior to her birth into this lifetime. These personal experiences have added to her insight, awareness, and enlightenment that is part of her means to supporting and guiding others on their spiritual journey and life path.

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