7-Day Mindful Breathing and Mantra Practice


Have you ever noticed the way in which you tend to speak to yourself? Your inner dialogue. Our spiritual development and practices are about self-awareness and self-care.

Self-care is about self-compassion, spiritual awareness, and personal development. It's the ability and practice of being aware of how we talk to ourselves and noticing if our habitual internal dialogue shifts into criticism, condemnation, and shaming or encouragement, understanding, and consoling. Of course, it will vary from topic to topic. The key is becoming awareness so we know what is serving us or not.

In order to feel the presence of Spirit more frequently, we need to be in the receptive mode more of the time; which means, we have to have an inner dialogue that sets the atmosphere of receptivity. Meaning, the same energy, vibrational frequencies, or tone and mindset that can relate to and receive insight, inspiration, positive impulses, love, compassion, appreciation, and clarity.

Begin with the Introduction video to the "7-Day Mindful Breathing & Mantra Practice (MBMP)." Then proceed with day #1, and the next day complete day #2, and so on. 

You can do this! Remember, practice is progress. Self-empowerment comes from personal experience. Trust yourself. This is only a tool to inspire you to follow your own inner guidance, becoming more intune with it and setting your mental and emotional mood to be in the receptive  mode.

This is a donation-based course.

Your generous tax-deductible donation {love offering} will help us to get through these challenging times and continue our inspired mission for many years to come.

Begin here: Intro. to "7-Day Mindful Breathing & Mantra Practice"
Day #1 of 7-Day MBMP
Day #2 of 7-Day MBMP
Day #3 of 7-Day MBMP
Day #4 of 7-Day MBMP
Day #5 of 7-Day MBMP
Day #6 of 7-Day MBMP
Day #7 of 7-Day MBMP

Congratulations on completing this 7-day practice!! You're encouraged to continue practicing this 7-Day exercise for another 7 to 14-days to develop your mindful habit for wellbeing. Personal experience, therefore practical application, is what teaches and allows us to consciously expand and grow. Create your own affirmations to use as daily mantras. It will feel natural and authentic that way. Example may be: "I am proud. I am loved. I am connected. I am supported. I have joy." You get the idea.

We would love to hear from you. Fee free to share your overall experience, testimony, personal insights, and in what ways you felt this was a beneficial practice for you - or what more you think you could benefit from, by messaging through our contact form! May you have a blessed and abundant day!

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