Josephine has a unique blended approach to her services that defines her role as a Holistic Spiritual Counselor. She has a hands-on style of counseling, coaching, and teaching while integrating her Blended Energy MethodTM of biofield therapies and vision for a "Live in AAWETM" (art of allowing wellbeing every day, in some way) approach to support the alignment and harmonizing of the mind-body-spirit interrelationship. Her method aids in revealing subconscious stories and limiting beliefs that dictate and shape behavior, decision making, relationships, personal performance, and health. Additionally, Josephine's blended approach enhances the ability to tune into one's higher self and recognize the unifying field of super consciousness - or Source Energy, within.

She is the author of the inspirational, self-development book, HSP - Empathic and Empowered: Expanding My Perspective. It is available through Balboa Press, a division of Hay House Publications, Amazon, Kindle, Barnes and Noble, and Nook Book. 


Josephine is the creator and designer of the journaling diary, Wildflower Gratitude Journal, along with other notebooks, journals, and diaries. The Gratitude Journal is a law of attraction-inspired 31-day journal with positive affirmations for each day of your journaling journey, available through Amazon.


Change your beliefs to free yourself, and heal issues in Mind, Body, and Spirit.

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Josephine's work gives you a new experience of what it means to merge one's awareness as a spiritual being in a human experience. Taking a leading-edge approach to accessing the old narratives of the subconscious mind is not about solving problems - it's learning how to access true freedom and wellbeing, that's entirely controlled through one's state of mind and habits of thought, which is what a belief is. When these patterns are addressed, then improvement in health, relationships, ability to make better choices and follow-through, realizing new abilities, and a love of life is discovered. Quality of life in the one that you're living now is a priceless commodity and a worthwhile investment.



Find out about the process of working with Josephine.

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Discover a new approach to changing what is limiting you.

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Empower yourself through guided practical exercise.

“At the center of the universe dwells the Great Spirit. And that center is really everywhere. It is within each of us.” 
- Black Elk

Demonstration of How to Expand Your Perspective

HSP - Empathic and Empowered: Expanding my Perspective, 

shares aspects of Josephine's personal journey as a sensitive to the spiritual world. She is redefining energetically what it means to be an empath, becoming empowered in one's abilities, and shares what she's learned from her experiences.


In this book, she provides insights, tools (practices/exercises) that she has learned to apply. Josephine shares a growing awareness and understanding about natural laws, the effects and awareness of the inner dialog, and steps to an intimate relationship with a higher power from within.

These practices, self-awareness, and self-development exercises set a person up to, not only better cope when tougher times arise, but be able to see it from a different perspective. Click here to learn more and discover an exclusive reading from the book.

Keep yourself on track with your mindset and alignment with your highest good by doing a 31-day gratitude journaling practice implementing our 31-day gratitude journal that guides you with the law of attraction-inspired affirmations each day.

Josephine Sheppard is the designer and creator of the law of attraction-inspired personal gratitude journaling diary, Wildflowers Gratitude Journal.

Wildflower Gratitude Journal is a law of attraction-inspired diary journal with 31-days of inspirational affirmations and plenty of pages to journal your gratitude and appreciation daily in this 187-page "Gratitude Journal".

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“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” 
- Dr. Wayne Dyer