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There are many ways people seek support, advice, and counsel.

Throughout history, and in various trades or traditions, it has been - and is- considered valuable to enlist others in the roles of counsel, advisor, elder, consultant, shamanic practitioner, mentor, minister, peer advocate, or coach.

There are those known by many titles that reflect being in a position to offer insight, support, wisdom, practical tools, guidance, and counsel.

However, aside from labels, titles, cultures, or any form of status, there is an ultimate focus that few have tapped into and that more and more are waking up to and inquiring about. And that is a greater understanding of being an aware consciousness (spiritual or nonphysical energy) that has a body. Learning how to fully "come home" into the body, and functioning from the broader consciousness that we are, is a game changer. Our world is going through a major transitional download, and to operate more effectively in the new world we are all creating, it's operating from a (w)holistic point of view.

Rev. Dr. Josephine Sheppard takes a (w)holistic approach to spiritual counseling, coaching, biofield therapy (BEMTM), and mentoring. She is a practitioner of spiritual or a contemporary style of shamanism and shamanic journeying and healing, as a result of her exposure and mentors throughout her lifetime. Out of respect for the indigenous culture and those who have shared their wisdom with her, both living and dead, she does not call herself a "shaman", only a practitioner of contemporary shamanism and spirituality. Josephine is known, primarily, for her eclectic approach to spiritual practices and principles.

She has worked with clients of varying ages and diagnoses in case management, pain and stress management, health and wellness, alternative therapies, support counseling, and consulting. She has had the privilege of training others in the human services field, blended biofield therapies, and complementary therapeutic services. Josephine has also been honored to facilitate group sessions for Native American women working through their sober-living programs. Her real-life experience has been a part of her work as a small business solopreneur, and spiritual practitioner.


Josephine's professional and personal background, education, near-death, spiritually transformative experiences, and earth-based and eclectic spirituality practices, have contributed to her ability to provide insights, tools, behavioral health techniques, and Empathic Coaching and Counseling, which are utilized within her services.

She has an intimate understanding that we are all conscious energy beings attempting to fully express ourselves through our manifested bodies - the vessel we created by compressing aspects of the energy that we are, into that which we experience as "physical" matter.


External patterns in the life experience reflect energy pattern blocks in our core system, which you will work together in order for you to call your energy back, and recentralize your entire system, in order to heal, have clarity, and insight, and embody the authentic being that you are.

Change your beliefs to free yourself, and heal issues in Mind, Body, and Spirit.

~ Josephine Sheppard, Integrative Therapies & Consulting ~



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Practical Spiritual Support

How to change negative thinking with Processing Therapy & Counseling.

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BEM(TM) (Energy) Therapy

Spiritual/Contemporary style of shamanic journeying & healing.

What People Are Saying:

“Warm, compassionate; Josephine is a true delight. ” - Inge


“Thank you, Josephine, for your amazing words. Very practical and insightful.” - Alana

“At the center of the universe dwells the Great Spirit. And that center is really everywhere. It is within each of us.” 
- Black Elk

How to Expand Your Perspective and Awareness

HSP - Empathic and Empowered: Expanding my Perspective, shares aspects of Josephine's personal journey as a sensitive to the spiritual world. She is redefining energetically what it means to be an empath, becoming empowered in one's abilities, and sharing what she's learned from her experiences.


In this book, she provides insights, and tools (practices/exercises) that she has learned to apply. Josephine shares a growing awareness and understanding about natural laws, the effects and awareness of the inner dialog, and steps to an intimate relationship with a higher power from within.

These practices, self-awareness, and self-development exercises set a person up to, not only better cope when tougher times arise, but be able to see it from a different perspective. Click here to learn more and discover an exclusive reading from the book.

Keep yourself on track with your mindset and alignment with your highest good by doing a 31-day gratitude journaling practice implementing our 31-day gratitude journal that guides you with the law of attraction-inspired affirmations each day. Regular gratitude journaling has proven to aid in the practice of mindful presence, decreasing stress, anxiety, depression, and lack of focus or meaning.

Josephine Sheppard is the designer and creator of the law of attraction-inspired personal gratitude journaling diary, Wildflowers Gratitude Journal.

Wildflower Gratitude Journal is a law of attraction-inspired diary journal with 31-days of inspirational affirmations and plenty of pages to journal your gratitude and appreciation daily in this 187-page "Gratitude Journal".

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“Self-compassion is the key to releasing shame and false beliefs, which keep people locked in harmful behaviors.” 
- Dr. Gabor Maté

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