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How do I know when to get support through Spiritual Advice, Mentoring or Counseling?


Spirituality has evolved over time and is considered a concept of reaching higher levels of consciousness. Being spiritual means you believe in a higher power, either related to or independent from a religion. There's a desire for understanding and deepening the connection and relationship to your higher power (the Divine, God/Goddess, Spirit, Inner Being, Source Energy), and the interrelationship with nature, the deepest parts of self, and the broader connection to all that is.   


Spiritual Advice is helpful when you want to take a spiritual approach to your day-to-day life events, challenges and decision making. It could be getting help, insight, and clarity related to what's blocking you with your relationships, work, jobs, career options, relocating, spiritual practices, etc. - through the broader perspective of Spirit, your spiritual guides, ancestors, or guiding angels, through empathic readings, channeling, experiential (Maga/Crone/Mystic/Shamanic or Solitary Practitioner) advise, or oracle readings.

Spiritual (Intuitive) Counseling or Mentoring is helpful when you're in need of taking more in-depth steps to tap into your own answers, solutions, intuition, and your spiritual development. It's doing the inner work and learning how to integrate spiritual practices. 

How can Personal & Spiritual Development Consultations help me?


Personal & Spiritual Development Consulting helps the changing habits of thoughts - beliefs, and patterns that no longer serve us. It's doing the inner work where real change can happen. It's how we increase our capacity to cope, be more resilient, and make better choices that are in alignment with our own desires, goals, and personal sense of integrity.

This approach helps to understand personal strengths by looking within, developing, and improving one's relationship to yourself and your higher power. It helps you to build skills and your personal 'toolbox' to reduce distress by learning new tools such as energy work, automatic writing, or other means to deepening your personal relationship with your higher power and increasing your intuitive abilities. 

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Would you benefit from any of the following or a combination of services?

#chakrabalancing #energyalignment #auracleansing #energywork  Receiving distance or in-person energy alignment treatment sessions to improving upon health and wellness concerns of mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual nature. It is also utilized for general self-care, attuning one's energy field with that of the higher vibrations resonating with an innate wellbeing, harmony, clarity, and unconditional love. These sessions are called the Blended Energy MethodTM. Learn more by clicking on the link.

#NaturalHealthConsulting #PersonalDevelopment Receiving guidance, support, and insights to improving upon health and wellness concerns that deal with physical activity, food as medicine, utilization of herbs or essential oils, specializing in those with general dietary, physical, or health challenges. Inquire to see if this service is a match for your needs.


#MindsetCoaching #InnerWork #LifeCoaching Learning how to change habits of thought that aren’t helping you to achieve better choices or habits relating to health, wellness, relationships, business, or personal and spiritual development. Contact Josephine to specify your concern and determine if its service is a match for your needs.

#SpiritualCoaching #SpiritualCounseling #SpiritualDevelopment Receiving guidance, support, and direction to improving upon spiritual practices, practical exercises, and applied principles that are the foundation to being consistent and effective in changing beliefs, habits, and improving overall health and wellbeing. Contact Josephine to define the areas you want to expand upon to have a program personalized for your goals and intentions.

#SpiritualAdvice #ChanneledGuidance #ConsultativeReading  Receiving guidance, support, and direction through channeled messages, tarot, empathic, earth medicine, or oracle card consultative readings. Contact Josephine below to schedule your session today.

#GuidedMeditations #GuidedVisualization #Clarity #Insight #StressReduction  Receiving guidance, support, and direction to improve overall wellbeing, reduce stress and anxiety, become more present, increase focus, attention, mindset, and attitude through guided meditations, visualization sessions, and mindfulness exercises. Contact Josephine below to schedule your sessions today.

#OneonOne Getting one-on-one, personalized support services and a program designed just for you and your specific needs and goals. Most services are available via live chat or video calls. Some services may be provided via email, or in-person. Inquire within. Thank you!

Hello! My name is Josephine. Welcome to "Integrative Therapies & Consulting". I have two openings for individualized programs specializing in healthy habit building, mindset, spiritual-based principles, and inner work – I like to call this a ‘Personal and Spiritual Individualized Program’. Much of these programs can be done remotely. Details discussed during the initial consultation.

I have an integrated approach to the Personal & Spiritual Development Consulting services I provide. I've worked with various ages, personal belief systems, and health concerns. To learn more and see if any of these opportunities are a good fit for you, message me to schedule a free 15 to 30-minute consultation. I intend to fill these spots in order of first come/first serve, that is an ideal mutual match. Don’t wait or second guess yourself – contact me today!




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